Cakes and more at Just One More Desserts

By Sean Delaney

Just One More-Desserts, known for high quality couture cakes, is going against their own name and adding more than one exciting new way for their customers to satisfy and impress their sweet tooth.

Owner Natalia Gordillo, said the couture cake studio is introducing online treats and goodies selection, also featuring more economical celebration cakes, so that their high-quality desserts and flavours can be enjoyed more frequently, and easily.

“The company is a cake studio, known for custom couture cakes for weddings, celebrations, baptisms, and more,” said Gordillo. “We’re known for our lavish and unique cakes - but we’re evolving our online store to include treats and goodies that our customers can get daily.”

Customers will see lines of gourmet chocolate bars with such delicious additions as Ice cream sundae, strawberry cheesecake, S’mores, and more.

“Transforming the ordinary chocolate bar with various flavours and unique combinations. Each more decadent and yummier than the last.,” Gordillo said.

Customers are going to see an explosion of flavours within each product, as Gordillo and her team add the smallest touches to ensure the most outstanding result.

As well, this summer the company is rolling out treats they’ve been making as specialties for long time customers for years and opening them up to the public.

Treats like their monster cookies and celebration cakes for the weekends, which are more economically friendly.

“Buying a couture custom cake is usually done for special milestone events, so we want to expand our business and offer our customers good quality cakes and desserts that they can get more regularly.”

And holidays are always driving Gordillo’s creativity. Many of the products customers are seeing now came from all of the holiday collections we grew through the pandemic”, said Natalia. “The pandemic was a blessing in disguise, forcing me to think outside the box and push my business further.”

The studio is located at Weston Road and Bradstock Road in the heart of Emery.

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