Finch West LRT update

Finch West LRT update:

Bike Lane additions

By Sean Delaney

Once again, as I was driving on Finch Ave West on my way to 31 Division, and I noticed that the accompanying bike lane (note, mixed-use with pedestrians at this juncture)c had been paved under Hwy 400. Of course, I made a quick (legal) U-turn and readied my camera. I marvel at all the construction taking place on our Finch West LRT. As the Finch West LRT project approaches its anticipated final year of construction, residents and commuters alike can’t help but feel the buzz of excitement. While the spotlight is on the new transit options that will soon be available, there’s another significant, equally promising addition, an expansive network of bike lanes,

The project isn’t just about enhancing public transit, it’s a comprehensive plan to revolutionize transportation in the area. Beyond cars, buses, and trains, the Finch West LRT is paving the way for a greener, more active commute mode. As detailed on their website, the LRT project will introduce elevated bike lanes spanning its entire length. Cyclists can look forward to a seamless, dedicated path, offering a safer and more efficient way to traverse the city.

However, there’s a unique feature for cyclists around Finch Avenue West and Highway 400. The project designers have introduced a bi-directional multi-use tunnel to recognize the challenges in these areas. Situated on the south side of Finch Avenue West, this tunnel will pass beneath the Highway 400 southbound on-ramp. Such thoughtful integration ensures that cyclists and pedestrians can easily navigate this busy junction.

As the finishing touches are added to the LRT and as the bike lanes begin to take shape, the Finch West community stands on the cusp of a new era in transportation. Whether you’re a commuter catching the early morning LRT or a cyclist enjoying the new elevated lanes, the future of travel in Finch West looks bright and inclusive.