Planning for our economic future An opportunity for industry leaders to participate

By Sean Delaney

The City of Toronto invites industry to participate in a sector-specific study that will help shape the future of employment lands and economic development as part of its ongoing Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR). Over the last year, Emery has proactively brought forward your views as part of the MCR process.

Why is this important? Past surveys have shown that industry occupies 33 percent of the employment land in the Emery Village BIA but accounts for 66 percent of the jobs. How do we protect employment lands and make them sustainable and resilient?

Shaping the future plans and policies for employment lands is critical for the city to achieve employment sustainability while it’s expected to grow by 700,000 more people by 2051.

The City of Toronto’s Official Plan team (OP) in collaboration with Economic Development and Culture (EDC) are working to complete an employment study to help us shape Toronto’s future employment lands and economic policies. The study is an integral part of the ongoing Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR), a city-initiated process to review and update the City of Toronto’s Official Plan to meet the population and employment forecasts to 2051.

Planning for our economic future, the Official Plan is a city planning document that acts as Toronto’s road map for land use matters. It sets out our long-term vision, shared values, and policies that help guide decision-making on land development, economic growth, the environment, and more.

It’s important to keep our economic policies up to date to balance both growth and jobs. Toronto is expected to grow by 700,000 people and more than 450,000 jobs by 2051. To support this effort the OP team and EDC are hosting sector-specific meetings to inform land use planning and economic development policies.

As an industry leader your involvement plays a critical role in informing policies toward building economic resiliency and supporting economic growth in the city. Stakeholder group meetings are happening in early mid February 2022 to discuss key issues such as:

• What makes Toronto an attractive city for your business?

• What locational criteria is important for your business’ operations?

• What other types of businesses do your operations rely on? Or that rely on your operations? Is proximity to these linkages important?

• What factors play a role in deciding to make investments and expansions to your current operations in Toronto?

• What factors are preventing further investment and growth in your industry within Toronto?

• How have your operations changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? Will any of these changes become permanent, post-pandemic?

You’re invited to a sector-specific dialogue on Wednesday, February 9, from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

To enroll or for further information visit:

Or phone: 416-392-6578

Email is:

You can also reach out to Al Ruggero at the Emery Village BIA

Phone: 416-744-7242.

We will talk about the planning process, Toronto’s economic health and employment lands, the MCR process and where we’re headed, and hear from your sector to inform key policy directions for the updated Official Plan.

There will be a short presentation followed by a facilitated discussion